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Special Needs Roadmap

If you are a parent reading this post, you can relate to this scenario very well. You get the psycho-education evaluation for your child and then what? You turn to your doctor and the school for help.

Your child’s doctor can only recommend drugs as a solution to the problem however you know that in most cases that is not the only solution. There is some thing more however you don’t know what it is.

You are not sure how to articulate the problem to the school as you don’t have the right words.

You don’t know where and how to get help for your child.

It then becomes this crazy, time confusing and frustrating journey to find out who, what and where. This could take several years and those years are often the most crucial ones, as that is when your child needs the interventions and therapies to develop those lagging skills.

A few mothers gave up their valuable time and have put together this great special needs roadmap for schools. Read it, it will give you the information you need so that you can focus on getting the right help and advocating for your child.

Ontario Special Needs Roadmap

Ontario Special Needs Roadmap

This is focused on Ontario, Canada however if you are a parent from another region read it as it will give you an idea of the process and you might have something similar in your region. Better still if something like this does not exist, get a group of parents together and build one.

Either way connect with us and we will spread the word.


Social Skills Information Night

MindWare Academy and Steps and Strides Present Social
Skills Information Night. You will hear from experts on how your
child with special needs can find social skill success.

Topics covered are

  • Natural environment teaching at home (NET)
  • Consistency between home and school
  • Social skills to help your child gain confidence and reduce anxiety
  • The resilient child
  • Effective communication strategies between the parent and child

When: Thursday April 24th 2014

Time: at 7 pm

Location: 985 Pinecrest Road, Ottawa map

Cost: Free

Optional Donation to LDA (Learning Disabilities Association)

Contact: sj_mancini@hotmail.com or carolinegeorge0@gmail.com

World Autism Awareness Day: Help Spread the Word

imagesAccording to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder.

It’s been seven years since the United Nations declared April 2 of
every year as World Autism Awareness Day. A lot has changed since then.
The level of awareness of the medical and environmental factors
affecting autism has increased across the globe. In advanced countries,
diagnosis is much easier now compared to developing countries.

This is not to say that things are easier everywhere; the diagnosis
of autism and its management and care are still a big challenge. In
spite of the increase in the level of awareness, the number of children
diagnosed with autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ASD continues to
rise. Experts say this in itself may be due to advances in medicine and
not necessarily proof that more children come down with autism.

Certain facts have come to light, for instance, according to autismspeaks.org,
older people are likely to give birth to children with ASD than younger
ones. Scientists say there are both genetic and social reasons behind
this. Studies have also shown that taking folic acid or a diet rich in
folic acid in the months before and after conception decreases the
chances of giving birth to a child with ASD.

Treatment & Management

Children with ASD are no different from others. In fact, most of the
movers and shakers of the world of business, sciences and the arts have
ASD diagnosis earlier in their lives. Well known people like Mozart, Temple Grandin and Dan Aykroyd were diagnosed with various forms of autism, yet they went ahead to impact society in very positive ways.

The key to dealing with autism properly is early diagnosis. People
with ASD may find social interaction difficult and have trouble with
verbal and non-verbal communication, but some are specially gifted in
solving mathematical equations. So, don’t give up and find ways to work
with children in the way they understand.

On this day, let us spare a thought for people with ASD and give a
helping hand to parents raising children with the condition by giving to
causes that support them. Happy World Autism Awareness Day!

Discovering Emotions with Zeely is an innovative therapy app that
helps children with autism, ASD and Aspergers learn to recognize facial
expressions and emotions.

In honour of World Autism Awareness Day, we are making Discovering Emotions with Zeely for iPad free in the App Store, so head over there and download a copy today, and let us know what you think!