Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day March 21st 2014

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

Ottawa, ON, March 17, 2014,

Children with Down syndrome usually have an extra chromosome in each cell and this can affect all parts of the body. They have some degree of learning disability which varies greatly from child to child. Most children reach all the usual milestones but do so at their own pace.

Research shows children with Down Syndrome show a specific deficit in processing facial expressions with a specific deficit in perceiving surprise and fear. Research also shows that you can teach emotion recognition to children with special needs.

Based on this a Canadian mother, Natasha D’Souza, was inspired to build a therapy app to help children learn emotions. Discovering Emotions with Zeely is an education tool that teaches children how to identify emotions and practice recognizing facial expressions. Research has shown that the inability to recognize and interpret facial expressions is a serious developmental hurdle for children with special needs. To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, Discovering Emotions with Zeely will be offered FREE on March 21st 2014.

Contrary to what many think, children with Down Syndrome can live a full life. “The key to ensuring your child reaches her potential is to make sure she has good medical care, along with the right social and educational support.,” said D’Souza. “Social skills simply aren’t taught anymore in the school due to a lack of resources and limited staff. That’s what motivated me to develop this application.

The application, which took a year to develop assists parents, educators and therapists working with children with special needs, including Down Syndrome. Detailed data collection and reporting tools assist with tracking a child’s progress and sharing the information between therapist, home and school.

D’Souza also has a Masters’ in Technology Innovation Management from Carleton University.

The app is available for download at


You can find out more about the application by visiting ZeelyAdventures.com. Follow the application on Twitter @ZeelyAdventures and like the application on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ZeelyAdventures.

Natasha D’Souza

info at zeelyadventures dot com

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