Zeely Adventures is an educational tool designed to help therapists teach a child with special needs how to recognize and interpret emotions from facial expressions. Simple instructions identify facial expressions focusing on the eyes, nose and mouth. Game play motivates practice using high quality photographs. Automated data collection allows professionals to focus on effective therapy. Consistent reporting makes it easy to track progress and communicate with parents and other professionals.

The following professionals will be able to use Zeely Adventures when developing a formal therapy program:

  • Speech and Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Behavior/Communication Consultants
  • Developmental Pediatricians
  • Behavioral Psychologists
  • Researchers


  • Covers seven basic emotions that transcend gender and culture – happy, sad, angry , surprise, pride, fear and disgust
  • Friendly characters and engaging game keeps children motivated
  • Easy and clear navigation allows children to operate the app independently
  • Provides instruction, structured repetition and guided practice
  • Appealing distraction activity provides a break from practice and keeps focus within the game
  • Three different learning modes with progressive levels of difficulty
  • Detailed data collection and real-time reporting give a clear picture of child’s progress
  • Pre and post testing is supported
  • Clear photographs of a wide variety of real faces
  • Familiar settings, such as a playground, cinema, museum and theme park, provide social context
  • Children can listen to the professional narration or read game instruction – OpenDyslexic font increases readability for children with dyslexia (http:///
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