Zeely Adventures is an educational tool that has been designed to help parents maximize their child’s therapy time while maintaining consistency between home, therapists and educators. The engaging-game based approach motivates your child to recognize and interpret facial expressions. Automated data collection and consistent reporting show progress and can be easily be shared with professionals and educators.


  • Educational game for teaching emotions and emotion recognition
  • Covers seven basic emotions that transcend gender and culture – happy, sad, angry , surprise, pride, fear and disgust
  • Friendly characters and engaging game keeps children motivated
  • Easy and clear navigation allows children to operate the app independently
  • Provides instruction, structured repetition and guided practice
  • Appealing distraction activity provides a break from practice and keeps focus within the game
  • Detailed data collection and real-time reporting give a clear picture of child’s progress
  • Familiar settings, such as a playground, cinema, museum and theme park, provide social context
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