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1st year Anniversary for Discovering Emotions with Zeely

This time last year Discovering Emotions with Zeely made its debut in the app store. What a year its been. We are actively being used in over 50 countries world wide and this number is growing!!


Our app was successfully used Steps and Strides in their existing social skills program.

I have been using Zeely adventures emotions app with two different social skills group. One group is with 4 year olds and the other is with 6-10 year olds. Both groups have really enjoyed using this app. They look forward to it and can play it independently or with a friend. This app is simple to use so that the kids can set it up, yet educational so that parents/teachers/therapists can incorporate it into therapy sessions. I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking to teach their child social skills

Caroline George, Special Education Teacher/ASD service provider
Steps and Strides

Common Sense Media gave us 5 stars for ease of play and have a detailed review.

The app’s multidimensional approach with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic tools helps kids understand what feelings are and what facial features look like when someone is sad, disgusted, happy, angry, and so on.

Vicki Windman, Common Sense Media

We have some interesting projects in the works and will have updates once details are finalized.

If you are using Discovering Emotions with Zeely, we would love to hear from you. Tell us how you are using it, what tips and tricks you have to incorporate this into your therapy practice, school or home.

How to power down and restart your iPad?

Sometimes an app running will appear to freeze or cut out. There
are a number of reasons for this ranging from a memory issue to an a bug
in the app. itself. If it is a memory issue then powering down the iPad
and restarting usually fixes the problem.

Here is how you can power down and restart your iPad.

Locate the iPad’s power button as shown.



It’s the same button you use to temporarily shut off the iPad.




Push the power button and hold for a few seconds until the red slider comes on the screen.



Slide to Power Off

To restart the iPad, hold the power button down for a few seconds.
The white apple icon will appear. Continue to wait until it fully powers
back on.



Rogers Daytime with Derick Fage and Tammy Laverty

I had the pleasure of being on Rogers Daytime with Derick Fage and Tammy Laverty yesterday. As with TV shows things move quickly as the show moves in and out of segments and commercials. We did have enough time to discuss the situation with diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, treatment options and more.

I even had the chance to do a live demo of Discovering Emotions with Zeely directly from the iPad. It surprisingly worked well and my initial concerns about not being plugged into a monitor were soon dispelled.

Here we are after the segment.

Rogers Daytime Derick Fage and Tammy Laverty

Rogers Daytime Derick Fage and Tammy Laverty

I have ordered a copy of the show and will post an update in a few weeks when I get it.

Update: The video is in, it does need some editing to remove the blank sessions when commercials were running. However it’s online for your viewing pleasure.


The Code Factory Demo Day update

Demo Day at The Code Factory was a big thrill. There were some amazing demos by various entrepreneurs in Ottawa.

I had 8 minutes to demo Discovering Emotions with Zeely to the audience. It went by fast but I managed to give a walk through the app in just under 8 minutes. I had the iPad connected directly to the projector and seeing the app projected on the wall was quite the experience.

Here is the setup. I am very comfortable delivering presentations and training to audiences however playing the app while explaining what is going on was challenging.

8 minute demo - Demo Day at The Code Factory

8 minute demo – Demo Day at The Code Factory

@michaelweissca has another view of just the projected image.

Demo Day, The Code Factory

Demo Day, The Code Factory

Demo Day at The Code Factory

We are part of The Code Factory line up this week.

Discovering emotions with Zeely, demo

Demo day at The Code Factory

You will get a sneak peek of Discovering Emotions with Zeely, the first in the Zeely Adventures series, before it hits the app store!!!

Further Details

When: October 3rd 2013

When: 6:30pm

Where: 100 Gloucester St., Suite 300, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0A4

Register: Space is limited therefore register to secure your spot.

Special Needs Fair Ottawa March 2013

Special Finds and the City of Ottawa are bringing together the best Ottawa has
to offer the Special Needs community.  Discovering Emotions with Zeely will be participating in this special needs fair.

Jim Durrell Recreation Centre, Ottawa

When:  Saturday March 23rd 2013 from 10:00am – 3:00pm.

Where: Jim Durrell Recreation Centre, 1265 Walkley Road, Ottawa