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Research Kit – a great tool for Researchers

Some great news from Apple, no it’s not the Apple Watch, but rather a great tool for iOs developers called Research Kit.

Researchers struggle to enroll participants in clinical trials in sufficient numbers, and most measures of autism-related behaviors are subjective. The iPhone and iPad have sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, cameras and microphones. These can be leveraged to collect data e.g. repetitive movements etc.

Apple Research Kit

It helps researchers create apps by providing templates for components such as mobile surveys and behavioral tests that harness the phone’s sensors. This has now opened the doors for researchers to a lot of possibilities in regards to gathering valuable information from iPhone sensors for their studies.

For example if you want to monitor motor skills you can have an app that is engaging and fun for the child.

Informed consent is crucial to these research studies and this can be signed electronically and includes a short quiz that tests the user’s understanding.

On the privacy front,  Apple will not have access to the data. Researchers will have to protect that data after transferring it from users’ phones.

Discovering Emotions with Zeely has built in fine motor skill tasks and If you are a researcher and would like to have a custom app built connect with us and we will build it for you.