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Kids learn feelings with cute characters, familiar settings.

Ease of play

Simply open the app, and you’re ready to go. There are four settings for kids to choose from. Each setting is led by “Obo,” the main character. He speaks the directions, and a text box appears with written directions.

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DISCOVERING EMOTIONS WITH ZEELY lets kids independently manipulate real faces with real emotions. Using repetition is beneficial for kids who need practice with understanding emotions and facial expressions. Kids will enjoy moving facial stickers onto real faces to create a feeling face. Having a distracter built in helps kids who may struggle with attentional issues. Parents will appreciate the easy-to-read data with clear graphics displaying accuracy and the time it took the child to complete the task. Discovering Emotions with Zeely combines realistic facial expressions, adorable characters, and guided instruction to give kids an engaging way to learn about emotions.

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Autism Plugged In

Getting Emotional

Have you ever told a joke and NO ONE laughed? That might be similar to how children with special needs, especially autism, feel when they just don’t “get” emotions and the appropriate times to express them.

Autism Plugged In

Autism Plugged In

Virtual EyeSee joined forces with speech pathologists and child psychologists to create the app Discovering Emotions with Zeely for children who find emotions challenging.

The app’s main character, Zeely, is a friendly and fun guy who uses games to help children learn about emotions. Along with the ease of use and bright graphics, children will learn how to recognize different emotions in no time!

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